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Since the beginning of the 21st century, the African Economic Boom had been compared to the Chinese Economic Boom in the early 1970’s and in recent years, Africa was the home of seven of the world’s fastest-growing economy. It is for this reason that Africa has become the focus of many investment opportunities.

The region is rich in natural resources – petroleum, precious metals and stones, minerals. It is highly dependent on agricultural exports. Malaysia is listed as part of “The Group of Five” important markets after China and India.
Presently, Souare Group’s focus for consultancy is on projects in West Africa drawn up to support the development of a particular country or region. Our African relationships and our presence in Asia provides a platform for mutual cooperation and collaboration between the continents.
In providing solutions, we have aligned ourselves with established companies as their brand representative.
Our current portfolio of partners includes services in the fields of:

a) renewable energy,
b) construction,
c) manufacturing,
d) project logistics,
e) plantation and farming,
f) automotive
g) mining,
h) banking and finance.

We bring positive change to the lives of peoples and communities through innovative solutions.