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Development & Training

Development & Training

With the looming economic potential for growth and development, the supply of trained manpower becomes a pre-requisite for West African countries.

Education becomes strategic in any country, needed to support this growth, and has occupied a highly important place. While school systems are in place and formal education well established, one cannot help to note the many constraints faced by the young workforce.

With regards to human resource development and training, employment and employability forms one of the bases of our penetration into a country. Whether it is for Commerce and Trade or Consultancy, SOUARE Group puts consideration into creating jobs for local communities where we are immersed.

Our manpower development initiatives include:

a) Entrepreneurial skills – basic business start-up. What you need to know.

b) Personal Development skills – soft skills, language courses, IT skills

c) Technical Apprenticeship – mechanical repair and maintenance in the various sectors

Where possible our direct business ventures provide opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. We hope to fulfil of goal to Deliver Value to the Developing World.

We bring positive change to the lives of peoples and communities through innovative solutions.